How Buff Bones Started - Osteoporosis, Pilates & Exercise for Bone Health

It all started over a glass of wine…

Well, let’s back up a moment. Rebekah was a Pilates teacher trainer in New York City when she learned that she had osteoporosis. So she did what many do when they receive a medical diagnosis. She panicked.

Fortunately she had never broken any bones. But at that moment her world broke.

But throughout the next year, she sought advice and guidance from everyone from doctors to physical therapists to acupuncturists and nutritionists. She sought out a personal trainer and even read bone-building affirmations. (That last one didn’t work.) She scoured the web for information and her entire reading list became about osteoporosis.

But there were very few resources in the exercise community for her at the time and she realized that she could share with others all the information that she had buried herself in. So she developed a workshop for exercise professionals on osteoporosis and was soon asked to write an evidence-based research paper for one of the leading medical education providers. Instructors asked her to take things a step further and develop a full workout. So between the research she’d read and her extensive background in movement, dance and exercise, she developed a new system for bone strengthening and balance.

Back to the glass of wine (cabernet for those of you wondering.) Rebekah was at a bar brainstorming one night with a colleague on names for this program that would convey all the positivity she wanted to share to empower people and give options for regaining control of their bodies and their health. The word osteoporosis had such negative associations – and that was not her message. This led to the birth of the term BUFF BONES. “Buff” in America refers to desirably muscular and toned, fit bodies. Why not strive for our bones to be just as strong?

The workout started as a weekly class in New York City. But people began requesting it in other locations and over the next year and half, Rebekah used her movement education background to write a curriculum and certification program for exercise professionals. What launched as the first Buff Bones® instructor training course eventually led to courses throughout the U.S. and around the world, as well as online, with trained instructors in more than 30 countries.

The workout has been presented at conferences and prestigious resorts like Canyon Ranch and Rancho La Puerta. The DVD won the Readers’ Choice Award. In 2015 it was introduced to the International Osteoporosis Foundation World Congress for Osteoporosis Patient Societies.

It started at osteoporosis but that’s not where it ends.