Buff Bites - 5 Minute Exercise for Bone and Joint Health

Introducing Buff Bites™

Bone-healthy movement in 5 minutes a day.

Buff Bites™ is a daily bite of movement delivered to you directly online. Minimal commitment. Made with YOU in mind by Buff Bones®, your trusted source for bone and joint health.

We get it. Time is precious and limited.

And that’s why we created Buff Bites™. Because EVERYONE can find 5 minutes for themselves.

Rebekah Rotstein, creator of the Buff Bones® system, will coach you each day in her signature style of clear, detailed instruction.

What should you expect?

  • A motivating daily 5 minute video each Monday through Friday
  • More mobility, better balance, strength, coordination and posture
  • Fun, creative, safe movement sequences for your bones, muscles, connective tissue and nervous system
  • Easy-to-follow videos that you can access at home or on the go with internet

We’ve eliminated the barriers to movement – what have you got to lose?

  • I feel stretched and stronger and more motivated! An excellent way to keep moving without taking up too much time! Thank you Buff Bones®!

    Moira Fleming Cork, Ireland
  • I feel great at the end of each video. It’s amazing how it makes me less irritable and less stiff. Bring on the bites!

    Donna Summer Kansas City, MO

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you actually accomplish in 5 minutes?

A lot! The magic is in the sequencing of each Bite which we have carefully planned. We target mobility, balance, strength, posture and coordination – and hit the entire body, even if the focus is on a certain region. So much in just 5 minutes!

Why not just search YouTube for exercise clips?

Searching online can take you 15 minutes alone! And do you have the patience and persistence to flip through videos and find the qualified instructor you trust, who choreographs sequences that meet your ability, level and needs, and motivates you to keep returning while keeping it fun? We remove the guesswork and the excuse to skip out or procrastinate. Your time is valuable and we get that.

Why would I want to take on this challenge?

Not only do you want to feel better, but you know that others around you want you to take care of yourself. It’s easy to start something new but tough to stick with it. If you’re motivated and encouraged along the way, you’re more likely to continue — and you’ll see how the changes ripple through your life as you commit to taking care of yourself. It starts with small bites.

I’m not a millennial but I’m also not a senior. Will this do anything for me and is it safe?

Absolutely! Each video is designed with safety protocol for those with low bone density and joint concerns, especially osteoporosis and arthritis. Pace and challenge levels differ among the videos, but each offers modifications to address your individual needs.

I don’t have bone or joint issues. Why would I want this?

Buff Bites™ gets you moving on a daily basis and helps you keep at it through accountability, guidance and encouragement. The videos let you feel more energized, less stiff, more agile and all around stronger. More peace of mind, less stress.

I don’t have gym equipment. What will I need to follow each video?

Usually anything you already have in your home! The videos will indicate up front what is needed before beginning – whether it’s a mat (or carpet), a chair, a wall or two cans (or small weights). Some videos will use a resistance band (which you can purchase here), and you can use a towel in the meantime.

Will I get a new video every day?

We curate the selection to offer you several new videos each week throughout the first 5 months, and intentionally deliver a few familiar ones to give you a chance to practice and build your skills.

Can I watch the video the next day if I miss it?

The video on the bites site changes each day, giving you a 24 hour window to watch. If you miss it, it might appear again in the future. But with just five minutes needed, you’ll likely find that you can easily fit it in and crave each bite!

What if I want more than 5 minutes?

If you find yourself hungry for more than a bite, you can try ourBuff Bones® workout online or through the DVD or you can attend a live class or find an instructor near you.

Please consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.
Stop a movement if you feel discomfort or pain.