What is the cost for the Buff Bones® Instructor Training?


The cost of the live Buff Bones® Instructor Training is $700 in the U.S. which includes the manual. Early-bird discount of $100 is available if you pay six weeks prior to the course start date. $50 discount is offered when you refer a friend; the friend must have registered and must notify us for the referral.

The cost of the online Buff Bones® Instructor Training is $499; once successfully completed (with assessments passed) you will have access to all the online course materials for an entire year.

If all your questions are answered and you are ready to take the course, complete the online registration. (Note: course and renewal fees are subject to change in the future.)

(Select the course you’d like to enroll in and click “register now”. Follow the steps to create a profile for yourself and sign the License Agreement. Note that other Mind Body Online usernames and passwords will not work here.)

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