Frequently Asked Questions About Buff Bones & Bone Health Exercise
What will this course offer me as an exercise professional?

During the instructor training you will learn the Buff Bones® system of exercise for bone and joint health with its research-supported design.

You will also receive:

  • Lessons in functional anatomy, biomechanics principles and balance training
  • Special populations information to equip you to work with varying injuries and conditions
  • Critical thinking skills for exercise modification
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • One year free Buff Bones® Membership
What is the Buff Bones® Membership and what does it offer?

The Buff Bones® Membership is free for the first year to all  attendees of the live Buff Bones® Instructor Training course who pass the exams. Those who take the online course may purchase the membership for an additional USD$150 upon completion of the course.  Membership includes:

  • Use of the registered trademark and logo
  • Aligning yourself with the internationally-recognized and medically-endorsed brand
  • Referral listing on the Buff Bones® Web site with a link to your own site
  • Access to the library of Buff Bones® continuing education workshops with lectures and additional programming
  • Customizable marketing materials to promote your classes
  • Inspirational monthly videos of teaching tips
  • News updates on bone health
  • Ongoing teaching support
  • Access to the Buff Bones® connections with osteoporosis organizations like American Bone Health
  • Entry into an ever growing supportive global network of like-minded exercise professionals.
What does the Buff Bones® Instructor Training involve?

The Buff Bones® Instructor Training is a 17-hour weekend course or an 8-hour online course. The live course requires full attendance as well as a written and practical exam. Attendees receive a professionally-printed manual including photographs and breakdowns of each exercise, a resource guide on injuries and conditions and an extensive research reference section. The online course includes 29 easy-to-follow modules with assessments along with and resources on injuries and conditions plus an extensive research reference guide.

Does this course offer continuing education credits?

All who complete the live training course will receive:

  • 17 PMA CEC’s
  • 1.6 ACE CEC’s

All who successfully complete the online training course will receive:

  • 9 PMA CEC’s
  • 0.9 ACE CEC’s
What kind of exercise certification or certificate is required to attend this course?

The Buff Bones® Instructor Training is open to various movement and exercise specialists including Pilates, movement and group fitness instructors, as well as personal trainers and physical therapists. Attendees should familiarize themselves with basic traditional Pilates mat exercises prior to the weekend course.

What if I do not pass the course exams?

In the live course, you may set up a private live or virtual review session and retake the exams for an additional fee. If you do not not pass the assessments in the online course, you may set up a consultation with a Buff Bones® faculty for a fee in which you may review the material and retest.

What happens to my Buff Bones® Membership after the first year?

After the first year, there is a USD$139 annual fee to maintain your Buff Bones® membership, which permits you to continue using the brand and teaching the Buff Bones® system, and having all the other membership benefits. This includes access to the online video library of Buff Bones® programming and lectures for continuing education (updated annually), the library of marketing materials, as well as access to the community forum with free monthly video tips and bone health updates, in addition to listing on our web site in the Instructor Finder area.

What if I don’t maintain my Buff Bones® Membership?

If you do not maintain your membership, you must terminate all promotion and teaching of Buff Bones®. You may once again promote and teach Buff Bones® if you pass the re-accreditation exam within three years of termination of your license agreement (which you sign prior to the course). After three years have elapsed, you would have to retake the full Buff Bones® course and exam.

What is the cost for the Buff Bones® Instructor Training?

The cost of the live Buff Bones® Instructor Training is $700 in the U.S. which includes the manual. Early-bird discount of $100 is available if you pay six weeks prior to the course start date. $50 discount is offered when you refer a friend; the friend must have registered and must notify us for the referral.

The cost of the online Buff Bones® Instructor Training is $499; once successfully completed (with assessments passed) you will have access to all the online course materials for an entire year.

If all your questions are answered and you are ready to take the course, complete the online registration. (Note: course and renewal fees are subject to change in the future.)

(Select the course you’d like to enroll in and click “register now”. Follow the steps to create a profile for yourself and sign the License Agreement. Note that other Mind Body Online usernames and passwords will not work here.)

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no full refunds for live courses based in the US.  All cancellations must be submitted via email and are subject to a $50 administrative fee.

  1. For any cancellations more than 3 weeks prior to the purchased course, you will be refunded your initial payment minus the $50 administrative fee and a $200 deposit which can be applied to a future course within one year.
  2. For any cancellations between 3 weeks up to 48 hours of the purchased course, there will be no refunds. However, the registrant can transfer all funds paid to a future course within one year.
  3. For any cancellations within 48 hours of the purchased course, there will be no refunds or transfers to a future course.

You can only transfer payment to a different course one time.