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Buff Bones® Instructor Training

Buff Bones® is an entire system of movement for bone and joint health. More than just a set of exercises, the system builds your confidence in teaching the medically-endorsed, safe, bone-strengthening and balance-enhancing workouts to varying levels and different populations.

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Buff Bones® Osteoporosis in Depth

1 in 2 women over the age of 50 and 1 in 4 men has low bone density with prediction of a fracture in his or her lifetime. Meanwhile, younger individuals are getting diagnosed with osteoporosis more frequently. This one day fundamentals workshop provides the scientific basis of understanding osteoporosis for all movement professionals in a clear, accessible format.

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“Buff Bones® Instructor Training is a no-brainer for Pilates teachers who encounter clients with low bone mass or osteoporosis. But it is so much more. In addition to her expertise on the subject of bone health, Rebekah Rotstein offers a masterful presentation of how to teach movement, from the art of cueing individual exercises to the science of constructing a logically sequenced program. For any fitness professional looking to better serve any client, Buff Bones® Instructor Training is well worth the investment!”
Aliza Nizet, CenterPoint Pilates (Santa Barbara)