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Instructor Training Course Options


The online course enables you to take the Buff Bones® Instructor Training at your own pace throughout a 30-day period. It’s well-suited to those who are comfortable with online learning and prefer to study on their own schedule. Benefits include:

  • Access to 29 HD quality streamed videos
  • 2 full hour-long workouts
  • 5 online assessments
  • Guided learning material
  • Ongoing access to the ENTIRE online course (nearly 8 hours) with all 40 components for one year after successful completion
  • A user-friendly experience with one of the leading Learning Management System platforms
  • Learn directly from Rebekah
  • No travel costs or loss of wages from cancelling clients or classes
  • 9 PMA CECs and 1.3 ACE CECs

 *You have 30 days from enrollment to complete the course. (You will then have a full year to access the course for review.)

Membership Option

Taking the online course does not offer you Buff Bones® membership benefits and is for your own personal knowledge only. This does not entitle you to teach Buff Bones® classes or affiliate yourself with the brand. However, you may opt to purchase the membership. Click here for more information.


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LIVE Course

The live Buff Bones® Instructor Training course runs two days and is a great option for those who do best with face-to-face interaction and learning within a classroom setting. Benefits include:

  • Personalized attention and ability to ask questions to a seasoned professional – whether Rebekah or one of her hand-picked and highly experienced faculty
  • A professionally printed manual with detailed exercise breakdowns and comprehensive reference listing
  • Community and networking with other instructors
  • Supportive, nurturing learning environment
  • Feedback and critique to improve your teaching skills and identify/address your own movement habits
  • 17 PMA CECs and 1.6 ACE CECs

Membership Benefits Included

The Live course includes one year of free Buff Bones® membership. Click here to learn more.


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Read What Others Had to Say

“Buff Bones® Instructor Training is a no-brainer for Pilates teachers who encounter clients with low bone mass or osteoporosis. But it is so much more. In addition to her expertise on the subject of bone health, Rebekah Rotstein offers a masterful presentation of how to teach movement, from the art of cueing individual exercises to the science of constructing a logically sequenced program. For any fitness professional looking to better serve any client, Buff Bones® Instructor Training is well worth the investment!”
Aliza Nizet, CenterPoint Pilates (Santa Barbara)