Buff Bones - Francine Hernandez, Pilates Instructor
Francine HernandezM.S., PMA®-CPT, Faculty

    Francine is an exercise physiologist with a masters degree in kinesiology from Cal State Northridge with more than ten years experience teaching movement, first as a certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor under the tutelage of Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal and then as a certified Pilates instructor through BASI®. Francine is also faculty for Carolyne Anthony’s The Center for Women’s Fitness and teaches courses on pre/postnatal exercise. The founder of Your Daily Practice, she also runs the exercise department of George Erb Fitness in Camarillo, CA. Francine spends her spare time caring for her adorable new baby, eagerly waiting to teach him to squat.

    Favorite thing about teaching Buff Bones:

    I love that the workout is accessible to so many. Not only do I have clients who are committed to the class specifically for improving their bone health, but also those who just love the workout and feel it safely challenges them. When I was first introduced to Buff Bones, I assumed this would be the case, that people would really fall in love with work. What I didn’t realize was the tremendous community it would build. Having taught the same Buff Bones mat class at the same time for the past four years, I am witness to a tight knit group of students who have come to call themselves friends. This has been so satisfying to experience!