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About Buff Bones®

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health.

It leverages bone-strengthening and balance techniques along with Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise. Toning your arms, hips, back and abs, the Buff Bones® system also improves posture, is adaptable to varying levels, and is even safe for those with osteoporosis.

Buff Bones® has been featured at Canyon Ranch in Arizona, Rancho La Puerta in Mexico and at various conferences around the world including the International Osteoporosis Foundation Worldwide Conference in Athens, Greece.

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“Rebekah has provided
us with an excellent
resource to continue
to improve America’s
bone health.”
Richard Carmona, M.D., 17th U.S. Surgeon General

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Meet the Team

Get to know the talented and experienced individuals on the Buff Bones® team.

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